Leadership: Which comes first, the Chicken or the Egg?

To build a great business, you need great leaders. Leaders are not born. I find in my business, that my growth is limited to my ability to lead others. Much like the Chicken or the Egg, which comes first? Do you become a leader after the organization is in place or before? I think it’s a process. My desire to grow my business pushes me to face challenges as a leader. Sometimes we face those challenges and sometimes we never confront them.

Most business owners (or people in general) are not willing to make the behavioral changes to be a better leader. Hopefully at some point, the continual pain or challenges will force one to say, “Enough is enough!” and cause corrected behavior (to be a better leader).

Think of any organization or business that is great. Why them? Is there a great leader in that organization?

What are your thoughts? Are you commited to being a better leader? I am looking for like-minded people who want to be better leaders and to join me for a book club to review books on leadership. The format would be a weekly conference call. Please reply if you are interested.


Eric Brown


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