Keeping The ‘Right’ Score with a Compelling Scoreboard

A part of winning in life or business, we have to have something to measure. In businesses and organizations, keeping the ‘Right’ scoreboard in front of the team is vital.  I had an epiphany  recently after listening to the CD, 4 Disciplines of Execution. We had a scoreboard in our business – even posted for all to see.  It just wasn’t compelling to the right people.  We had a high level metrics, but for the day to day employees that did not mean much to them.  That’s the difference between a Coaches scoreboard and a Players scoreboard.  There maybe different types of players in an organization.

We are in the process re-crafting a metrics board that makes it compelling to the Players, not the Coach.  Ultimately, these metrics for the Players are their core priorities, not the Coaches.



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2 responses to “Keeping The ‘Right’ Score with a Compelling Scoreboard

  1. Eric – couldn’t agree with your points above. Some other ideas, I stole along the way: 1) Make the scorecard self recording 2) use results/resources ratios 3) graph the results, people think in pictures. All this comes from, by Charles Coonradt. Grab the book, 150 pgs of pure inspiration for the dynamic leader! I enjoy your posts. Thanks. Jeff Geraci

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