My Biggest Challenge

It’s pretty funny…. Ok, I can laugh at it now. I look back to all the mistakes I have made in business and come to realize, that we often are our own worst enemy. We tend to make decisions based on where we are and level of intelligence at that moment in time. Reading and learning helps me continue to process of personal development. Also hitting your head up against the wall enough times (proverbially of course) will force you to change bad behaviors.

I can see how other business owners are going down the same path as I in the past. It teaches me, that the older I get, the less I know and the more I need to listen and ask questions.

Working with a client today, trying to get him to stop trying to do it all himself and learn to delegate and/or outsource activities that are not the best use of his time. It’s particularly frustrating because he wants to grow his business and is great at business development, but still stuck in the day to day operations. I have been there, done that myself. Truth be told, I still suffer a little bit in this area still.

Do you know the definition of insanity is?…….keep doing the same thing over and over, trying to get a different result.

We are our worst enemy. If we can break our bad habits, we will grow to our full potential.

Rock on.



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  1. Eric, truer words were never spoken. I like those one-sentence fortune cookie pieces of advice… Here is one that for the person who struggles with delegating:

    Work ON your business, not IN it.

    It’s interesting that as a call center we often try to talk small businesses into using our service, and hit the brick wall of the owner saying, “No, I just forward to my cell phone at night.” It’s unfortunate if we lose a sale, but it may be near tragic for the guy who is trying to do it all. Why?

    Sleep deprivation – translates to careless driving, poor decision making, getting less work done the next day, missed appointments, mistakes in judgment… All of those translate into less money on the bottom line.

    Family problems – push your spouse and children into the background and risk losing the very things that recharge your batteries and motivate your drive to succeed.

    Negative Image – “one man – with a van” is an image that can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. We all know many businesses which started just that way. Some succeeded beyond their expectations, many limp along for years in that same rut, but a big majority simply fade away or go broke.

    One real example of the power of successful delegation came from a client of ours. He owned a struggling one-man mobile auto repair business. He was afraid of the extra expense of having us take his calls while he was doing service work, afraid we wouldn’t be able to answer the technical questions, afraid callers would just hang up. We finally convinced him to try us for a month with a 10 day “misery back” guarantee. Only 4 days passed before I got a call from him. I could almost hear him jumping for joy. His announcement, “I just signed a deal with a property management company to work on their fleet of vans… they called four mobile mechanic companies… and I was the only one that was big enough to have an office staff! I never would have gotten something this big without Answer Center!”

    Two years later we lost him as a client because he bought out the owner of a garage with 8 bays and a tow truck. Six weeks later he came back – needed us to dispatch his tow truck driver at night.

    All that from learning to delegate.

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